Overcome your crisis and regain your lust for life!



There are a couple of things weighing heavily upon your soul, only that up to now you haven’t yet found the person you wanted to entrust to.

Your life feels like as if you had taken “the wrong turn”, but you can’t find this one point where you took the wrong turn, even if you wrack your brains.

And sometimes you just ask yourself what you are doing…

Looking from the outside, your life does not only look good but really perfect. A lot of people envy your successful, felicitous life. Looking at it from the outside virtually everything is amazing. “Virtually”.
But in your quiet moments, when you are entirely alone und you switch of your radiant smile, you feel this deep inner emptiness and despair.

Then all these sensations come up that you otherwise push away so carefully – everything that weighs so heavily upon your soul. For example not to know how to go on.

And then you feel the vacuum as well as the burden of all these emotions within you that you neither want to feel, nor have ever spoken openly about so far. And the feeling of being stuck becomes overwhelming.

You accuse yourself, asking yourself what is wrong with you, how somebody like you can even bemoan life. And you feel ashamed for your quarrel and tell yourself that you are ungrateful and ask yourself what else you want from life.


You want to feel yourself and life again.

You want to restore your lust for life and your vitality and you want to express it.

You want to vouch for yourself: for your truth, your feeling, your perception.

You want to gain back the confidence in yourself..

You want to know what your heart beats for and want to allow yourself to follow your heart.

You want open the space for yourself.

You want to recognize yourself, accept yourself as the wonderful being you are and unfold into your own brilliancy.

You want to sense yourself. You want to sense who you truly are, who you are if you let loose of everything that is not you.

You want to unfold your potential, bring your resplendence into the outside, spark your brilliancy, recognize your uniqueness and live it.

You want to feel your self-worth and to love yourself.

You want to experience fulfillment on all levels of your being whilst diving into the connectedness with yourself, into your essence.

And I lead you into exactly this process!

“You are the miracle you’ve been looking
for all your life!”

Stefan Hiene


I accompany women who “virtually” have everything, but nevertheless feel inwardly empty and stuck in their lives to overcome their crisis and regain their lust for life.

I offer you to be your companion on your way helping you

  • to calm down and reduce your emotional stress
  • to dissolve your soul’s pain
  • to be able to think and feel clearly anew
  • to regain your capacity of acting

You will restore your confidence into yourself and into your overwhelming power.
You will stengthen your self-worth.
You will discover your brilliancy and will start living it.

You will master your crisis. And: You will reconquer your lust for life!


My name is Isabel Segarra and I stand for holistic healing.
I have a master’s degree in philology and have been working for more than 15 years as a psychotherapist, mentor and healer.

I started accompanying people as a systemic and talking therapist and have evolved over the years constantly deeper into the areas of mentoring and healing.

As a healer and psychotherapist I result from the world of healing soul and body, so I am mainly home to the world of the invisible. And as a mentor I procure knowledge, truth & wisdom and thus expand your consciousness.

I accompany you on the basis of my high sensitivity, my inner knowing and my highly refined intuition as well as on the basis of my deep knowledge about healing and my healing abilities.

I accompany you on the basis of my high sensitivity, my supremely refined perception, my inner knowing and my being connected to the Divine source.
My deep knowledge of healing and my healing abilities complete my skills.

isabel segarra - lebenskrise überwinden




On the following pages I will introduce you to the different ways you can work with me: starting with an 8-week live program, followed by another 3-month live group format, or in the form of 1:1 attendance.

Just scroll through my pages to find the right offer for you!

Lyrics and music “Souls of light” by Isabel Segarra


If you already know or feel by now that you definitely want to talk to me personally about yourself and your situation, you can email me and book a first personal fee-paying conversation.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Isabel Segarra, M.A. phil.
Mentor & healer