Mentor & talking therapist in one person

Heilerin Mentorin für Lebensthemen

Mentor, healer and talking therapist in one person

I accompany you as a mentor

on the basis of my therapeutic expertise and my 15 years of working experience through your life’s crisis: holistically, cristal clearly and authentically. I help you to overcome your crisis and to regain your lust for life.

I am an „optimizer“: together we lay bare the best within you and make it accessible to you.

Right now you are at a loss

lebenskrise bewältigen

Your life and everything that is happening actually has got completely “out of control” and has outgrown totally. And this has happened and is still happening to you – you who have always had your “ducks in a row” your whole life long.

You always had goals and you always went for them. You know neither collapse nor resigning.

And now you find yourself in a state of emergency. Fears, self-doubts, freezing, inner emptiness, the loss of your capacity to act and the loss of your lust for life represent your new reality since quite a while.

You ask yourself why all this is happening to you actually. You are looking for the deep meaning within it. If you only knew what lead to all this, but you simply can’t unlock it.

You are no longer able to thing clearly, the pieces of the puzzle don’t join anymore for you. You neither know how you got into this situation, nor how you are going to be able to dissolve it again.

Serious crisis always have a story. A forerun. They always have an origin and you definitely have to discover it. Because without examinating yourself and dealing with the fact what this crisis has to do with you, you won’t be able to overcome it.

And I accompany you exactly at this juncture : to look at what the things that want to be looked at and and that want to be dissolved so desperately.

“You don’t have to be found,
you have to find yourself”

Stefan Hiene

You are longing for a life in clarity and easiness

You are longing for everything to become doable again. You are longing for the “drama” to finally come to an end, because you want to live your life with joy and confidence.

Deep down inside of you you still have huge wishes and visions you are burning for.

You are longing for so much more and deep down inside of you, you know that life still holds so much more ready for you.

What you are longing for from the depths of your being is to trust yourself. To take the right decisions from deep down within you and to finally lay bare your potential and to live it.

In the course of our collaboration

… you will be enabled to recognize everything that lead to your serious crisis:
all the things you haven’t turned your attention to so far.

And the more you realize them, the more you confront them, the more you will achieve to feel yourself again, to become capable of acting again and to master your crisis.

And: You will not only mature and grow immensely, but you will heal.

Regarding the different offers that I hold ready for you, you will very probably find the right one for you!


I had hidden myself my whole life long and had suppressed my potential. I had always held myself back and had not allowed myself to stand for my truth. Isabel helped me to free my voice and to unlock my power.

Together we managed to discover all the prohibitions that went hand in hand with a severe childhood trauma of mine, and meanwhile I achieved a huge breakthrough.

Isabel has such a sensitive, delicate nature and she is completely focussed and dedicated. She was able to sense me on such a deep level which allowed her to lead me brilliantly to confronting and to feeling what I had hidden for so long.

I can really allow myself now to tread my way and to speak my truth.

Anna-Kristin Jensen, Wiesbaden


I was in a crisis. Not just in “a crisis”, but in the most violent crisis of my whole life when I started working with Isabel.

I was desperate und empty inside, lust for life had become something unknown to me. I neither knew what to do nor where to turn to. I felt like paralysed. I didn’t have the least idea how I would ever be able to overcome this challenging situation.

Isabel helped me to capture the reason of my state of being for which I had been searching for so long in vain. Lovingly and with great awareness she lead me to confronting the topics I had refused to look at for decades, and she accompanied me to dissolve and to heal them.

This was a symphony of freedom for me, like being born completely new…

Today I am just infinitely thankful for this crisis, because without it I would never stand where I stand today: in the midst of my beautiful life, connected to myself, full of power, confident and with a huge lust for life.

Kerstin Marel, Brussels

Graphic designerin

My Story

I created my offer that explicitly addresses women because 25 years ago I stood exactly where you are standing right now: I had maneuvered myself into a tremendous crisis.

Very consciously I had launched myself into a very difficult partnership, hadn’t ended it but had become pregnant instead. I gave birth to my first son and was at a complete loss…

I had lost the connectedness to myself, my selfworth and my selfconfidence were deeply afflicted and I felt absolutely incapable of acting.

I felt then as if I stood with my back at the end of a tunnel, everything was dark around me and I couldn’t see any light in front of me.


isabel segarra - lebenskrise überwinden
This was the most difficult and most challenging time I had gone through so far.

I then managed it with the support of a wonderful therapeut to get out of those difficult circumstances. Seen it from this point of view, I am the living proof for the fact that we are able to overcome even our most severe and challenging crises and can grow immensely with them.

  • I had to assume my responsibility for that crisis
  • I carefully looked at the mechanism, the fears, the wrong beliefsystems and convictions of mine that had maneuvered me into that chapter of my life
  • I dissolved them, tranformed them and rose like a phoenix from the ashes of my crisis.

This was one of the most formative experiences of my life. This is why I know where you stand today. How you feel and what you think. And I know what it needs for you to get out of your crisis in a transformed, empowered and healed way.

The question is: are you ready to let yourself into this “deep dive”, into the journey towards yourself, into your inside?

My mission

My professional career

I have a master’s degree of philology and qualified professionally as a consultant of marketing communication after having finished my studies.

Some years after I had overcome my crisis, I decided to quit my job as a marketing communication consultant in a huge enterprise in order to orientate myself completely newly.

I already “burned” then for really encountering people and working with them on a deep level. And I wanted to facilitate others to make an experience comparable to mine.

So I qualified for several years in order to become:

  • a psychological consultant
  • a non medical practicioner for psychotherapy
  • a talking therapeut and a systemic therapeut and
  • a healer

Meanwhile I have been working for more than 15 years in my profession which I deeply love.

I touch people with my being because I am the way I am and who I am..

Being connected to my essence, I show you everything that is possible for you: healing, self-confidence, selflove. True surrender and lust for life.

And the ability not only to cherish and to love yourself, but also to cherish and love others just as deeply.

My most important values are integrity, authenticity, truthfulness and freedom..

I have experienced in the last 15 years since I began accompanying people on their way towards themselves that nothing is impossible for us, if we have the courage to move on.

Everything is possible, if you open up to evolving and if you are ready to go and to vouch for yourself!

That’s why I love my work soooo much: because it enables so much uplift, it heralds so much liberation, it paves the way for so much truthfulness, it effectuates so much transformation and healing and it allows so much authenticity.

My mission is to awaken and to enlargen the consciousness of women for their beauty, their particularity and uniqueness. I accompany them on their way towards unfolding their potential, as well as living their authenticity and brilliancy. I want women to vouch for themselves and to live their truth, no matter what others might say or think about it.

Because in every single one of us is some much unrevealed potential that is not being lived. That wants to be unfolded and wants to be lived. And the crisis is just your wake-up call in order to discover your potential, to unfold it and to live your beautiful true being!

isabel segarra - heilerin und mentorin - lebensfreude wiederfinden

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