Master your life crisis and gain back your lust for life!

I help women and men to overcome their personal life crisis, to reconnect with themselves and to regain their capacity of acting again.

Master your life’s crisis and gain back your lust for life!

Right now you are in the most violent crisis of your life

and it feels as if nothing in your life is anymore as it once was.
It is neither obvious to you how you manoeuvred yourself into these exceptional circumstances, nor do you have an idea how you are ever going to get out again of them safely.

The pressure that you feel upon you is immense. You are no longer able to think clearly.
You are no longer able to feel plainly.

Everything is heavy and nebulous. You live in a carousel of never ending negative thoughts and feelings that constantly draw you deeper und keep destabilizing you.

You’ve lost the faith in yourself. You don’t know how to proceed and what frightens you moreover is that you thus don’t know yourself. Because you were always successful in everything you embarked on, you always managed everything.

And now you are feeling absolutely incapable of acting, as if you had lost your inner navigation system on your way. And you don’t have the least idea how to move along.
The only thing you know is that it can’t go on like this and that you won’t be able to tolerate this state any longer.

I lead you

… to recognizing the true reasons of your crisis, to resolve and to transform them in order to become capable of overriding your actual situation!

You can sample the following experiences whilst being on your journey with me:

  • You learn to dismount your inner pressure and to resolve your inner blockades in order to master your crisis and to regain yourself in a completely new way
  • You reconquer your lust for life
  • You regain the power over your life
  • You reestablish your connection to yourself and tighten it which leads you to being able to feel more and on a deeper level and especially to sense yourself
  • You strenghten your intuition as well as your trust within yourself and your selfesteem, so that you will be capable of taking the next coherent steps and to be authentically you.

And the positive side effect of this transformation will be that you draw people into your life that you wish to have at your side.

“Some people have gained everything.
But not themselves.”

Henning Sabo

My offers

I lead women and men on their way of overcoming their crisis in several “formats”, which means that you have different possibilities of working with me.

This variety of diverse ways of collaboration with me, gives you the possibility to find the offer that fits you exactly here and now.

A first personal conversation with me
for 90 minutes

Would you like to talk with me about your actual personal life’s situation? To speak openly about where you are exactly standing right now, how you are feeling and which are your biggest obstacles?

I turn towards you in deep connectedness and completely value-free, und I open up the space for you to be simply you, without any facade.

What can you gain for yourself with this conversation?

  • From the first minute you feel seen and understood by me, and this alone releases a deep gasp of relief.
  • You get into touch with yourself on a deep level and this enables you to capture things from a much wider perspective than you have been able to gather so far.
  • At the end of these 90 minutes you will be able to feel deep down inside of you that you may succeed very well in mastering your challenging situation and to grow with it.
  • This first conversation solely will give you confidence, courage and trust within yourself

I am the regardful counterpart, full of esteem that you have been looking for for so long:

a woman with 16 years of work experience and a huge expertise on the sector of leading women and men through their personal crisis, because this is what I specialised in.

The price for your 90 minutes first personal conversation is 150,- €.

My LIVE online course:
“Becoming you”

Maybe you already want to begin your “deep dive” and start overcoming your crisis!
My online course “Becoming you” offers you the perfect frame for this purpose.

In the course of nine modules over 2 months, I lead you gently and lovingly to recognizing the true causes of your crisis which will enable you to dissolve it as far as possible.

This course accompanies you on your way of getting into contact with yourself and sensing your needs. Exactly this sensing and the clarity that comes with it, will transfer you into the position of taking your first steps in the direction of overcoming your crisis.

What kind of palpable changes and results will you be able to achieve with “Becoming you”?

  • You will be able to dissolve your inner emptiness and freezing more and more, because you capture what lead you to falling into it
  • You will get into contact with yourself on a much deeper level than up to now and you will begin to feel yourself again
  • You will begin to regain your lust for life
  • You will strengthen your intuition and your selfesteem and you will begin to trust yourself more and more
  • You will sense yourself and what YOU need and will achieve it increasingly to set boundaries
  • You will recognise progressively your potentail and will start to unfold it
  • You will begin to become more authentic than you have ever been before

The next live session of “Becoming you” starts on may 13th 2024
and will cost 1.450,- €.

You can ask me to put you on the waiting list for the next course!
I will write to you 4 weeks before the course starts.

My 3 months group format
“Being who you truly are”!

If you love working with me personally in a little group, then you can do this for three further months with “Being who you truly are“. The precondition for attending this course is you having absolved “Becoming you“.

This format is for women and men, who after having attended “Becoming you” want to move on in a small group and have me leading them through their processes of recognition, transformation and healing.

You can ask me to put you on the waiting list also for this course and I’ll let you know when the next course will start.

What kind of palpable changes and results will you be able to achieve with “Being who you truly are”?

  • We will continue working on a deep level on dissolving the causes for your inner emptiness as well as on your process of transformation and healing
  • You will get into contact with yourself on a still deeper level and will be able to perceive yourself better
  • You will experience your growing empowerment
  • Your lust for life will increase
  • You will strengthen your intuition and your trust into yourself will grow steadily
  • You will strengthen your self-worth and your trust in life
  • You will be able to check very carefully where you still consent others to surpass your boundaries and you will be increasingly able to close this gap
  • You will regain your self empowerment
  • You will unfold your potential to a greater extent

The price for this 3 months course is 2.500,- €.

For 6 weeks, 3 months or 6 months 1:1 :
„Exclusively you“

As the places for „Exclusively you“ are very sought-after and I am only capable of accepting a restricted number of 1:1 clients, I ask you to write to me via email in order to apply for it.

After having read your lines, we will have a first personal 90 minuntes conversation which will serve both of us to find out, if we want to commit ourselves to working together so closely and intensely for 6 weeks, 3 months or six months.

If you decide for working with me 1:1, I will remit you half of the costs for our first personal conversation.

 The price for a six weeks accompaniment with 6 weekly individual sessions of 2 hours is 1.500,- €.

The price for a three months accompaniment with 12 weekly individual sessions of 2 hours or a a six months accompaniment with 12 fortnightly individual sessions is 3.000,- €

No matter for which format you decide: I am looking forward so much to meeting you!


The work with Isabel has supported me immensely.
Under her guidance and with the safety she facilitates with her presence, I could look at the topics of my life that needed this essential attention.

My connection to myself has changed deeply. Consciousness and love could reach a higher level, and I am very thankful for that!

Rachel Kaiser, Wiesbaden


Isabel has been accompanying me for more than 6 years now, in 1:1 sessions as well as in group formats over several months via Zoom, and I am once and again enthusiatic about her work.

Caught in old conditionings and pradigmas, I felt like just mainly functioning practically my whole life long and I had lost myself thus. I was unhappy.
She has helped my with her sensitive manner and her huge knowledge about so many different topics to expand my consciousness, to look at old patterns and to scrutinize if they still withstand in my life.

With her help and her guidance I managed to recognize much better who I really am and to respect my needs more. I lam on my way to trusting my inner guidance and to finding the courage to change my life and to stand for me and my needs.

I know that there is a lot left to look at, yet I am sooo proud of all that I have already accomplished.

Ines Rösch, Forchheim


„Freedom means to be who you already are instead of wanting to become somebody who you are not.”

Stefan Hiene


My offers focus on women and men:

  • who want to dedicate themselves to themselves
  • who are willing to confront things instead of proceeding to turn a blind eye
  • who want to stop repressing what tortures them and who want to stop lying to themselves
  • and who are willing to stop blaming others for their crisis.

If there is one thing that I know after 15 years of working with people, it is that change, growth, spiritual transformation and healing only become possible when we are willing to take on the responsibility for our life. And that means taking on the responsibility for everything we are being confronted with actually.

You are the creator of your life, you have created everything you have.
You lead yourself to the point where you are standing right now, and only you will navigate yourself out of your crisis.

I will give you most the valuable impulses and the steady support that you may need for your process of emerging in a deeply transformed and invigorated way out of your crisis!


Without question you are able to manage anything.

The question is: Are you ready to let yourself sink into this “deep dive” onto your way to yourself, into your inside?